Fauve Records Presentation
We believe in myths, talents & humility.
Connecting artists from Asia to the world. We are a record label based in Hong Kong and proud to connect Asian artists to the world. Our 12 releases are the fruition of collaborations with artists such as Lauer, Mr Ho, Warehouse Preservation Society, Goodblock, Native Red, Romain FX, Kikix, Running Hot, Midnight Runners and many more. These releases are taking over Boiler Room sets, four in total and are also welcomed on USB keys of artists such as Ben UFO, Red Axes, Kamma & Masalo, Nd_Baumecker, Tim Sweeney, Bell Towers, Move D, Les Yeux Oranges, Horse Meat Disco, Stamp The Wax, Jonny Rock and many more. Fauve Records has a big sister called Fauve Radio.