Established since 2016, Mahka introduces art into clothes, disturbs codes and creates unique concepts, mixing Art, Fashion & Music. Mahka is also a collective of artists: it is a supportive platform through creation of fashion collections, various events and artist’s exposed pieces. Our slogan is « We don’t feed the pigeons » because only the freedom you choose is a source for fulfillment and pleasure. Express yourself, follow your own rules, listen to your art. This is our belief and our passion to bring people together with a common spirit.


Each collection is designed with an artist (photographer, tattoo artist, street artist, painter). Limited quantity guaranties exclusivity. Each garment is made with fabrics and components mixing quality, comfort, eco-friendly mindset all with a pinch of style.


On top of that Mahka selects artists and art pieces in various domains. They are all based around the world, telling their story and their unique creative approach.


On the music side, Mahka supports, among other things, award winning « Fauve Radio », who was born in our Hong Kong concept store in December 2017. Interviews and new mixes are available as well as 24/7 free listening of the radio through our website.