Fauve Radio
There’s a wild animal inside all of us pushing to get out & Fauve Radio is the platform to welcomes you with open claws.
We value quality and are turned on by originality. Boundaries are non-existent, we support creativity all the way. This is a platform to allow us to set our inner “Fauve” free, to howl at the moon, tap into the wild thing within and dance like no one’s watching. With the hopes of building something fresh for the arts and music scene in Asia, we are a team of expert Producers, DJs, Illustrators, 3D/2D Animators, Dancers, Photographers, Videographers and Writers. Fauve Radio is the first-full time Radio and Live DJ streaming platform to ever be offered in Hong Kong and that has greeted Jayda G, Move D, Skatebard, Habibi Funk, Tornado Wallace, Losoul, Francesco Tristano and many more. Adjacent and linked to the radio is a record label called Fauve Records. Oh and we won 2017 Mixcloud's Listeners Choice Award of Best Online Radio Station [Asia Pacific / ME / Africa] thanks to you.