This collection is a tribute to Eastern Europe embroidery technique & aestheticism.
Donka Gantcheva was the great grand mother of Mahka founder. She owned her own couture house in Bulgaria, Burgas city, during the 1930s. Maguelone did trips to Bulgaria to encounter her background. She came back with many sources of inspirations & a refined selection of traditional artworks. All the clothing line is directly inspired by Donka authentic couture artworks. The original version was made up of delicate cotton silk & handmade colorful embroidery, which has been reinvented into contemporary outfits, suitable for our daily life. From casual to chic, all outfits come in limited quantity to guarantee quality & exclusivity. The dresses & shirts are suitable for spending the day at the office but also for night fun time, while legging, tee shirt & sweatshirt outfits are perfect for cocooning at home or practicing sport. The Donka collection is a refined, completed & full of homage for our elders.