Record Store Day @ Mahka/Fauve

April 11, 2018 , , Mahka

Hello wild cats,

It’s the time of the year where we celebrate the homes of vinyl sellers. And Mahka & Fauve Radio is one of them.

For this occasion we have a a full array of goodies prepared.

Firstly, a long list of DJ’s with two consecutive streams that day:

Room 1 (Concrete)
13-14: Brahms
14-15: K-Melo b2b Gary
15-16: Jayme
16-17: Johnny Hiller
17-18: Roy Malig
18-19: Hibiya Line
19-20: San Soda (We Play House/BEL)

Room 2 (Jungle):
12-13: Fei Pao
13-14: Hugo Yunus
14-15: MLCH
15 -16: Jeremy Cheung
16-17: Romain Fx
17-18: Sunsiaré
18-19: Youry
19-20: Toby Tobias

Secondly, a couple of vinyl sellers for the day:

Roy Malig (HK Vinyland)
Moore Brahms
Romain Wax