Sound & Cocktail Bar


About the Collection

Paradis is a place the modern adventurer, and those hungry for discovery.

Inspired by Haitian Vodou, Paradis takes its cues from the Haitian goddess of the moon: Mawu. The mesmerising mystique of a lunar eclipse is seen throughout the space, from subtle hints across the restaurant’s branding, to the custom-made lighting fixtures fitted throughout the space itself. It caters specifically to creatures of the night, taking visitors from dinner service through to cocktail hour, and onwards through the wicked hours of the early morning.

Rich greens and earthy browns are at the base of the interiors, balanced with a striking gold finishes throughout. On the walls, visitors find a reflection of their own animalistic desires, with hand-painted murals intricately drawn directly to the restaurant walls — each so delicately drawn as if they were created by the priestess herself.

At the center, the low-slung ceiling encompasses visitors in a warm embrace, while the brass, soft woods and rattan straw details create a sense of discovery that could — until now — only be found in the outdoors.

A place for visitors unleash their sound temptations and sense of adventure, Paradis is a whole new world in the heart of this concrete jungle.