Mahka x Ivre de Soie workshops

November 10, 2017 , , Mahka

“The art of knotting your silk square” –
workshop with the designer of Ivre de Soie

The silk “carré” (silk square) is often exclusively associated with bcbg and classic looks, and yet it is an infinite source of inspiration offering so many ways to decline it!

Come and share with the designer of Ivre de Soie a privileged and interactive moment during which she will briefly present the brand, its first collection and her ultra-modern vision of the silk carré.

She will then demonstrate different ways to tie and wear the silk carré in an original way. Around the neck, in the hair, on a bag, around the waist, with a hat … all mix and matches are allowed!

Whether you are a fan of the silk square in its classic version or are more of the kind to break fashion codes to achieve a unique look, come have a good time in an avant-garde setting at Mahka fashion gallery on Friday November 17th from 7:00PM to 9:00PM or for a second round on Saturday November 18th from 3:00PM to 6:00PM.

Free entrance

Mahka & Ivre de Soie

About Ivre de Soie:
“Ivre de soie” means literally in French “drunk with silk”, but it is also a play on words that can orally mean “drunk with oneself”.
It all started with a young French creator, with origins from Sweden and Comoros islands, who lived in Africa, Europe and Asia, and who defines herself as a citizen of the world.
Always attracted by scarves and stoles, this anti-conformist mind, has grown up within various cultures.
Her first source of inspiration were fashion icons of the sixties, like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn who embodied elegance and grace, each in their own way. And to this is added a passion for breaking codes, mixing styles to always create uniqueness and originality.