Mahka X Graz In Store Presentation

June 4, 2018 , , Mahka

Mahka x Graz: We would like to welcome you to an immersive world. A space for freedom…celebrating You, Us, Art, Fashion, and Music.

A night brought to you by the Multi-Disciplinary Creative: Graz, The fashion gallery Mahka and the perspicacious artist Jeremy Tow.

Graz is a multi talented artist: designer, pioneer in the eyewear industry, composer, creative director and DJ recognized internationally. We are excited to present new ideas and some of the classic pieces from one of the region’s most prolific creatives. A collection of T shirts, and custom made Mahka x Graz sunglasses will be launched on the night while the ever impressive Jeremy Tow installs a piece of his own onto the wall of the store. With more to be announced.