Mahka 1st Anniversary

December 7, 2017 , , Mahka

Mahka fashion gallery is turning 1 !

This year has been a fantastic journey in terms of Fashion, Art & Music. We have been through many artistic & human experiences whose make Mahka so particular today. Huge Thanks for “not being a pigeon” and building this adventure with us.

Mahka is you, us, a lifestyle, a family… to be continued!!

Expect one full December month of celebration & gratitude!

To thank you for your support & to show you our love, Mahka will offer a special -10% off on all our items from 1st to 31st December.

Below please find the program for this special month:


With the love of motorcycles since an early age, the Barras French brothers will organise a unique pop up at Mahka with rock & roll vibes. Perfect time to find your leather outfit and leather accessory of your dream.

La Bohème [in french, bɔ.ɛm]: a person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.
Three amazing bohemian ladies display their latest collections.
La Fiancée du Facteur Jewelry BoAime CASHEW

MAHKA VIETNAM New Collection
Mahka is showing its latest capsule collection, inspired by Vietnam, a country where Mahka founder falled in love at the first sight. New collection is inpired by the “art de vivre” and fashion “savoir-faire” of this unique country.


BARNEY MCCANN (Graphic Designer)
Come and discover Photographer and Designer Barney McCann work from London.

JEREMY TOW (Calligrapher)
Jeremy is our favorite lascar & a French product designer turned lettering artist. He will be around with his style, humour & talent.

HALL OF BLACK (Tattoo artist)
mst_in_black is a tattoo artist from Hong Kong. Expect live & exhibition with this very talented & stylish tattoo boy.

RYCK ONE (Street Artist)
We are lucky to have Eric doing the wall near Mahka & La Cantoche. Come have a look at it!

MOONCASKET (Street Illustrator)
Mooncasket is a designer and illustrator from Hong Kong who is known for her cute and quirky character doodles. Delivering art from a low-brow perspective, she has a reputation for bold illustrations with a balance of dark and playful imagery. With a mixture of cartoon inspirations from the 80’s – 90’s and monsters of the silver screen, Mooncasket has developed a monster obsession. She will perform in Mahka fashion gallery.


Mahka will host the new 24/7 Radio and live DJ & Art streaming platform from Hong Kong. Roarrrr Everyone ! Expect special guests!

& more to be announced soon!

Looking forward to celebrate with you!
With love & gratitude!
Mahka team