About BoAime:
BoAime is a blend of vibrant culture, color and an endless source of love and inspiration. Based in metropolitan Montreal, and produced in their workshop in VietNam, BoAime has built a diverse team to create an eclectic design concept where East meets West in beautiful contradiction.
BoAime makes premium branded apparel for its modern, urban yet bohemian, young-at-heart clients. The company’s products are designed to be high quality, comfortable, fashionable and yet truly unique.
At the core of the company’s values is a passion to make a difference in the world. A portion of all proceeds are donated to UNICEF (www.unicef.com) so that the company can help children that are innocent victims of conflict, disaster and impoverishment.

About Cashew:
Based in Saigon, Cashew’s clothes are created by young international design team whose goal is to bring to you a mix of fresh and contemporary styles for all occasions. We use a combination of vibrant colours and unique detailing that we hope inspires and excites our customers.

About La Fiancee du Facteur:
La Fiancée du Facteur is a Jewelry Brand dedicated to Audacious & Adventurous Women, launched in 2011 by the French Jewelry Designer Pénélope Cadeau.
Pénélope Studied Art And Fashion Design For 5 Years, In France & In Belgium, At The Prestigious Fashion School Of LA CAMBRE. Then Started To Work As A Costume Designer For Theater Before Discovering Her True Passion: The Jewelry Design. Each of her jewelry designs is created like a talisman. a rare & priceless artifact once owned by a powerful goddess, hidden in the heart of the jungle & jealously kept by Mythical Chimeras. a unique and inestimable jewel, which only a smart & courageous “Indiana Jane” could find…The Gemstones & Materials used, Have been Found All Around The World and meticulously selected by the designer herself. all Rare & Precious.

These four designers are living the Bohemian life and invite you to join them.

Free entrance.