FuFu Records – Release Party

January 12, 2018 , , Mahka

FuFu Records – Release Party at Mahka

We are proud to gather our family of creative people with the launch of our new tees FuFu in collaboration with the fashion gallery Mahka.

Our 2 first releases of FuFu Records are out, the first one produced byTvfrom86 with remixes from Marion Poncet and Paul Cut and the second one, a various artists EP made by SKR and Frank Spirit.
We will present them on the Fauve Radio from 8.30PM TO 9.30PM.

For this special occasion, we will offer with a lottery on the d-day:
🎁 2 x (1 FuFu tee & 2 firsts releases of FuFu Records on Vinyl)

ADDRESS: Mahka, 4 wa lane, Sheung Wan


🎶 FuFu Records
FuFu Records is the label branch of the main company FuFu, creative agency working on music and design.

At the heart of FuFu Creative lies a deeply rooted passion for forward-thinking electronic music and a dedicated commitment on the support of its artists.

FuFu Creative is not just about artists booking. The agency aims to be a true partner following step by step the process of organizing an event, the artist’s research, the booking’s selections, planification and the organization of the event.

We also collaborate with companies & brands to produce unique graphic design that people remember and get buzzing about.

The record label is also based in Hong Kong and dedicated to House music and all kinds of music with some Groove & Soul.

The firsts releases of the label:
FUFU001 – TVFROM86: Turenne EP (15/12/2017)
FUFU002 – SKR & Frank Spirit: Various Artists EP (12/01/2018)


💃 Mahka
Introducing art into clothes, couture in the street, Mahka shakes lines and creates a unique fashion label with many facets.

Launched in December 2016 & based in Hong Kong, the brand inspirations are numerous and multi cultural, with a strong influence of French “touch” due to the origin of its founder.

Other inspirations as street, rock and vintage are visible.

The Mahka universe offers clothes designed in collaboration with artists.
Limited quantity, guarantee quality and exclusivity.
More than clothes, it is a real lifestyle that Mahka represents.


🦁 Fauve Radio
Our inner animal is always pushing to get out, and Fauve Radio will be the platform to welcome it with open claws.

With a team of expert Producers, DJs, Illustrators, 3D/2D Animator, Dancers, Photographers, Videographers and Writers, Fauve Radio is the first full time 24/7 Radio and live DJ & Art streaming platform to ever be offered in Hong Kong with the hopes of building something eclectic for the art and music scene here in Asia.

Boundaries are non-existent, we support creativity all the way. We value quality and are turned on by originality. This is a platform to allow us to set our inner Fauve free, to howl at the moon, tap into the wild thing within and dance like no one’s watching.