September 24, 2019 , , Mahka

Created by Laura Fontan and Diego Cortizas, a Spanish couple, Chula is established in Hanoi since 2004. Their love for the local traditions, the people, the food, the fabrics, the colors and shapes were reasons enough for them to stay. Vietnam became their home, where they made their first steps in the Fashion Industry. Chula is a reflection of their passion for this country and its culture. Thus, since the beginning they have worked only with the local community, as the H’monng minorities of the North. Also, with a more social perspective, all of the artisans in Chula’s workshop are people with a kind of disability.

Chula has encountered a big success both locally and overseas!
It has become a reference in the Vietnamese fashion and art industry because of the uniqueness of every piece; combining tradition and modernity.

In fifteen years, the small business has grown and, nowadays, one can find four Chula shops in Vietnam and the brand is constantly organizing events such as pop-ups and fashion shows around the world.

Chula is also a Spanish word referring to pretty, fun,
open-minded or easygoing women!

Chula’s brand stands firmly for inclusion, cultural traditions, happiness of life, sense of humor, handmade fashion and suitable small-scale projects.


Do not miss this two days POP-UP, meet Paola, brand ambassador of Chula, coming straight from Hoi An to bring these unique designs to Mahka, Hong Kong’s most trendy fashion gallery!

Not only you will find some classic Chula creations, but also the newest collections! Find your special Chula or even ask for a tailor-made one!

See you there!

You can find the Facebook Event here