About the Artist


Gary aka DJ Xlarge in love with Hip Hop music since 17 years old, the track <Three MC and One DJ> by Beastie Boys attracted him deeply and Mix Master Mike became his influencer in DJ-ing. DJ Xlarge spin mainly 90s hip hop, funk, soul while jazzy beat, trip hop and electro swing had been added into his mix crate in recent year.

At the year 2007, DJ Xlarge has joined the Hong Kong Hip Hop Group “Justice League” and during 2009, he joined another famous local group called 85Crew. In these years, he with the crews performed across China, including Guang Zhou, Zhu Hai, Zhong Shan, Shen Zhen and Macau. In 2012, he accompanied famous Hong Kong MC Heyo and performed in Spring Scream Music Festival at Taiwan.

In past few years, DJ Xlarge profoundly contributed to Hong Kong Hip Hop and DJ scene. Including 2012 – Hong Kong largest freestyle rap battle “Canto Mic 2012”, 2013 “Da Joint of Dragon Tiger Leopard” a multi-national rap party with MC from Japan, America, Philippine, India and Hong Kong. 2015 – “Da joint of Turntable Junkie” 4 champion turntablism DJ showcase party.

Since 2014, DJ Xlarge, as one of the founder, started the “WTF Supremacy DJ Battle” which is an international scratch battle and successfully attracted DJs from China and Asia to join and competing in Hong Kong.