September 23, 2019 , , Mahka

We are pleased to announce a month long COLL Pop-up Shop from September 13th to October 10th at mahka Hong Kong.

CollShop,, is a platform that promotes and incubates talented artists and their craftsmanship to boost the appreciation of art. CollShop provides diverse and distinctive lineup of products directly from the artists, including accessories that fuse design into everyday products with traditional craftsmanship.

CollShop is representing 10 ingenious brands, including Pavilio, OTTO, Rita, GillianSun Socks Collection, Luworld, LINA BADA, gabriyolly, Chika Takei, Go Satoko, SITUS.TOKYO and Kentarou Tanaka. The lifestyle products are including designer’s stocks, toothbrushes, candles, tapes and artwork.

You cand find the Facebook Event here